This website is a sunset-free zone. We don’t post stock photos of happy couples being romantic together as the sun sets over the ocean. For some people that’s a lovely fantasy, but it’s not the reality for lonely & inexperienced people.

Instead, you are invited to submit your visual art creations for a Member’s Gallery. Have you made a drawing, painting, photograph, sculpture, collage or other visual media piece that expresses your happy or sad feelings about being single, or your hopes for the future? Geometric, symbolic and abstract pieces are great too – especially in our purple and green colours. To kick this off, Alana made some hearts out of polymer clay, shown on the blog posts.

We will select images that are suitable for display on this page or on blog posts. If your image is not suitable, we will send you a response explaining why (for example, it’s upsetting to look at or it’s overtly sexual).

Please submit the URL (website address) of a high-quality JPEG image. If there are multiple images on your webpage, we will choose among them. By submitting this form you give us permission to display your work anywhere on, with a caption crediting you, but no other compensation. Thank you for helping to make this site look great!

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