Are you a counsellor who knows how to work with people who have little or no dating experience? You might be a psychotherapist, psychologist, sex therapist, speech therapist, dating coach, or some other helping professional who wants to build your clientele and profile.

We are building a network of counsellors who specialize in working with inexperienced people. These counsellors agree to our Principles and have knowledge & experience working with these challenges, which are common according to our survey results:

  • Self-confidence and self-worth
  • Rejection sensitivity
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Loneliness and social isolation
  • Body image and body dysmorphia
  • Social skills
  • Autism and neurodiversity
  • Gender identity and sexual orientation
  • History of abuse, bullying, assault, trauma
  • Stigma of singles and virgins
  • Various kinds of discrimination

If you would like to find more clients with these needs, we invite you to join our directory of counsellors. To be listed, you could contribute to this project in various ways. In particular you could write blog posts – we can suggest topics about counselling and topics for advice. Commenters may provide insights for your next blog post. Your profile would be displayed on each post you write, as in this sample. Your posts would be compiled on an author page.

Contact us to discuss joining our network and directory:

Future possible offerings for & by counsellors

As our counsellor network grows, we hope to offer services such as:

  • Mailing list or forum for counsellors in this network
  • Guidance for therapists: effective methods for counselling inexperienced people
  • Assessment test for dating difficulties
  • Programme for group therapy
  • Curriculum guide for social skills training
  • Facilitation guide for an introductory event

We have more ideas for support services that you could offer, as an entrepreneur or volunteer with mental-health knowledge. We’re happy to talk to you about how to get started and make the service successful, and we will promote any service that aligns with our Principles.

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