Are you inexperienced with dating? Were you a late bloomer? We would like to share your positive stories about how you are finding hope and connecting to people.

You can be an author of a story blog post, using any nickname you want. Some topic suggestions are below the form. Please describe your perspective in the story or bio (your gender, orientation, age and culture helps people understand your situation). We will write a summary, and a tweet on @lovenotanger, using your preferred pronoun.

Author a Blog Post

Topic suggestions about improving life

  • How you found more friends
  • How you built better friendships
  • How you socialize as an introvert, geek, shy person, autistic person, non-drinker, etc.
  • How you started/joined a social group for your hobby or interest
  • How you improved your health (any mental or physical health condition)
  • How you made progress with a counsellor
  • How you improved your confidence, appearance, career, housing, etc.
  • Why you moved to your own place, another city, etc.
  • How and why you made dating a priority
  • How you’ve become a happier single person
  • How you figured out my gender, orientation or preference
  • How you recognized your history of abuse, bullying, assault or trauma
  • How you let go of past rejections
  • How you let go of anger/hatred at people who rejected me
  • How you let go of a crush on someone unavailable
  • How you stayed friends with someone after they turned you down for a date
  • How you tried something again after failing before

Topic suggestions for late bloomers

  • How you started dating in your 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.
  • How you overcame (any issue) to start dating
  • How you lost your virginity at age ___
  • How you convinced your first partner to go slow with sex
  • How you lucked into love
  • Loving someone who didn’t meet your checklist
  • Dating someone who does, or doesn’t, share your hobby/interest
  • Starting to date a friend
  • How you found another late bloomer and started dating
  • How you date with autism
  • How you date with (any health condition or disability)
  • How your single life changed when you found a partner
  • Being independent and inter-dependent with a partner
  • Romance: the fantasy, the reality
  • What you wish you knew before you started dating

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