Topics for you to write about

If you want to write about dating difficulties, many of the common questions and issue are listed below. If you are a late bloomer, writing your own story could help others, and these questions may be good prompts to start with. If you like to research, look for other websites and books about these topics, and try adapting the advice to people with limited dating experience. If you’re a therapist or counsellor with a blog, these topics might be very relevant to your clientele.

Too late to start dating?

  • I’m 17 and all my friends have already started having sex!  Is it too late for me?
  • Who wants to date a 34-year-old virgin?  (Overcoming stigma of inexperience, at various ages)
  • Is it too late for me to start dating?  (Catching up on maturity & relationship experience)
  • Should I give up on finding a partner, and resign myself to a single life? What’s so great about dating anyway?

Self-confidence and self-worth

  • No-one will love me:  how to feel more worthy of love
  • How to build up your self-confidence
  • How to cope with rejection when dating
  • How to reduce your social anxiety for dating
  • Feeling better about your body
  • Who wants to date me if I’m not smart, rich and thin?
  • Setting your goals for life improvement

Strategies for dating success

  • How to learn social skills for dating
  • Why do I keep getting rejected when I ask for a date?
  • Tips for using dating apps & sites, if you’re inexperienced
  • Friends First:  How to date as a demi-sexual
  • Where, when and how to meet new people, without harassing them
  • What kind of relationship do you want?  (Relationship Smorgasbord)
  • How to stop fixating on your One True Love who’s unavailable
  • What to do when you’re crushing on your best friend

Building friendships

  • How to talk to friends & others about your dating difficulties
  • How to open up to other people (without being a burden)
  • Are you (socially) isolating yourself because you’re single and inexperienced?
  • How to rebuild your social connections (after rejection, isolation, family dispute, etc.

Tough situations

  • How to cope with being single and alone
  • How to cope with sexual frustration
  • I’ve tried all the standard dating advice, but nothing works
  • How to respond when family & friends pressure you to date, marry and have children
  • I finally found someone who will date me, but is this relationship healthy?
  • Are you staying in an unhappy relationship because you might never find someone else?

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