Missing out on normal social experiences

I’m 60, and have only been on maybe a half dozen date-like outings, not counting group activities.

Being mildly autistic, and having non-hyperactive Attention Deficit Disorder, my experiences with people, from elementary school through junior high, were so discouraging that I tried avoiding most people, and missed out on decades of normal social experience. So I still don’t know what to do on a date.

I’m not an incel, as I know women don’t mean anything personal, when they subconsciously follow the same mate selection criteria used by an unbroken line of women going back into prehistory. Guys also follow their inner cave man. Some of us just don’t measure up. It’s not personal.

Maybe some of us can at least get together, in the friend zone, and watch videos together, or play table games.

How might we respond to this reader? Here are some questions to comment on:

If you don’t “measure up” to prehistoric mate-selection criteria, how can you find partners with different preferences?
How can older folks recover from decades of social struggles?
How can mildly autistic folks build friendships and belong to community?


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